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WHY THE U STORE? Advertised To Millions Weekly | Increase Your Sales/Income | Broaden Your Fan Base.

The U Store is a product placement store that provides consistent traffic, and allows shoppers, web views, and music seekers to view your product. The U store is located on and (alternative ustore), which receives thousands of listeners / viewers per week. You may ask, how does placing my product on the U store help? If you have your product online or in a store, there is no way to be sure that your product is being properly promoted? Your product is not the only product to be promoted and marketed, they don’t single handily promote your product. Leaving you no choice but to promote it yourself.

The U store targets web users that are in search of your product and draws them to the U store. Us1magazine being an entertainment magazine and being the headquarters of their radio shows, the U store is promoted to readers as well as listeners of the WGTSDB, the Gud Tymez Show, and others. The WGTSDB, and the Gud Tymez Show has an audience base worldwide. Being ranked in the top 15,000 sites in the U.S. ( by in 2015). By placing your product in the U store you will save time and money.

To submit your music and/or schedule an interview with you, you must be registered with The U Store.