Is the album by Olivia Rodrigo “SOUR” a must hear?

~2K Bentley~

The 18 year old star has taken the music industry by storm. The drivers license singer has released an album that is the complete opposite of its title. The album is titled SOUR, which may explain the pain heard in her songs. Is the album good? Short answer, YES YES YES. From the funky guitar rifts, soft piano, all the to the acoustics, it all blends well with her vocals. Of course her most known song is on there. Yet i’m not entirely sure that drivers license is the best song on the album. Their are eleven songs on this album and they all portray her pain in a different way. When an artist ties a theme or emotion to a project, it’s very easy to make songs that are very similar. That doesn’t seem to be the case here. She tells different stories through the songs and does a fine job of not repeating the same words and phrases. Give it a listen, the and comment how you think it is! 2K’s Album Rating 9.5