Eleven one-year contracts that will pay off

The NFL is a prove-it league. No job is safe, and every player is one bad hit or unlucky step away from fighting for his career.

Certain players enter each season in a much more contractual prove-it situation. Whether due to an injury, inconsistent play or age, some settle for a one-year contract. The plan is — it’s always the plan — to perform well on that single-year contract in hopes of cashing in the following offseason.

Sometimes it pays off, with the player staying fit and milking the most out of his talents. Sometimes it’s just a matter of that proven player finally staying healthy and returning to form. Other times, the bottom continues to fall out, and the player’s in a similar situation — or worse — next year.

Here is my pick of 11 players on one-year deals with new teams who are in the best situation to stand out in 2022 — and potentially cash income 2023.

Note: All contract values and rankings were sourced from Over the Cap.