If you were to ask Me if I thought I would be here at this Stage of my Career 5 Years Ago, Honestly I don’t know what I would have said. What matters is Now, And Now I can Actually say I’m Finally Here. My Name Is Jeremy Kent Also known by My Stage Name J Kent, I am a 24-year-old Recording Artist /Singer /Songwriter From Sacramento California. I would consider myself A upcoming pop sensation in this New age Music Industry, While releasing over this last year A Debut Freshman Album that has already Surpassed Millions of Streams, Including Hit singles like This Way ft Jake the Majesty, the most streamed song on the album, and most recently My Newest single No choice Ft Doeboi that has been Gaining a lot of Attention on the Radio. I Am Currently Working under Look@u! Music Group an Independent Record label founded by CEO Carl Thornton jr based out of Sacramento California. I also work With ICANDII exclusive Events under Crystal Thornton who is also my Booking agent. Not only Am I a Recording Artist and Songwriter, I have now taken my Career to New Levels by becoming the COO of Look@u! Music group. Recording Music And being a Recording Artist has Been my life and one of the biggest passions for me so it inspired me to Want to provide the same opportunities for other Artists just like myself. 

Our main Focus under this Label has been Artist development, we have created a program to help develop and build an Artist from the ground up and turn them into an Official Name. I’ve studied the business for countless years learning how to independently pave a successful way for my career to now have the experience to be in a position to successfully run this type of program. Many would say it’s almost impossible to be an Artist and run a business, but I always say with a team you can do absolutely anything you want to. There are no limits on what can be accomplished when you set your mind to it and work hard for it. Especially with the team I have working alongside me. They have put me in a great position to be able to balance my career as an Artist as well as Entrepreneur/music Executive. I’m all about making a difference, not just for me but for other people’s lives as well. This is bigger than me, I do this for the ones who can’t. God gave me a gift and I’m fulfilling it to the absolute fullest extent. Being able to live my dream and make a positive impact in so many people’s lives is what I’m here for. I want the world to know I’m here to stay. We’re creating a different type of culture in the music industry, paving a different type of way, showing that anything is possible. 

I got this far by trusting and believing in myself knowing I can do anything I want to. It doesn’t matter about getting to the top, anyone can get there and see what that feels like. What matters is everything that you are going to have to do to stay there.

J Kent